captive torture object

Seeking Extreme Sadist Master/Owner...

subhuman object being mentored, trained and prepared for immediate placement anywhere in the world with sadist or group. it is being guided currently by a trusted mentor with no intention of ownership. its mind and body is being prepared for the brutal reality of its extreme future captivity.

it understands that it has no right to choose; that it will be placed at some point with appropriate owner for the rest of its life. it will be trained in service without options or stated limits.

it can be prepped for shipment on short notice. it has no family, no assets or possessions of any value, no financial obligations beyond its present meager existence. it is trained to do without and very little to survive.

Until it is owned again, it is available for use/abuse by sadists in the Los Angeles area interested in continuing breaking it in preparation for future brutal ownership.

it rents room, so it is unable to host.

evaluation photos available for serious inquiries.

Contact: CaptiveTortureObject